About Us

I’m Lucy, and I’m Ted’s Mama. 

I’m a 32 year old, Bristol based Mama with a love of chips, stripes and rosé spritzers.

Toddler Ted is a little blonde babe with the biggest smile you’ll ever see and a ridiculous collection of Adidas tracksuits.

What Ted Wore was thought up when I quickly realised that although looking after baby Ted was A LOT of fun, I needed an outlet to get all that creativity out.

What Ted Wore started as an Instagram account showcasing Ted’s outfits and ‘an edit of the best bits baby fashion has to offer'. Not only did this account mean I could dress Ted up in all the cutest clothes, it also meant my shopping habit was (kinda) validated.

Before Ted was born I worked my way up through the fashion ranks as a visual designer and merchandiser in London and thoroughly enjoyed all the perks that working in fashun’ has to offer. Once Ted arrived I realised that I had a lot more fun shopping for him and dressing him up then I did myself.

Fast forward a year, and the idea of turning What Ted Wore into a clothing brand finally became a reality when I put my butt in gear and started designing.

After many samples and ideas going back to the drawing board (or Photoshop in my case), a feature that I came to love was the embroidered slogan. Embroidery is bold, durable and best of all, looks great. Exactly what I envisaged for What Ted Wore.

Each item of clothing is carefully machine embroidered in the UK (Shropshire to be precise!).

With an emphasis on comfort and most of all fun, What Ted Wore aims to provide tiny (and not so tiny) toddlers with items of clothing that can be worn with just about anything.

I hope your little one’s enjoy wearing What Ted Wore clothes as much as I’ve enjoyed designing them.

Thank you so much for stopping by, it really means so much.

Big loves,

Lucy + Ted x

P.S Find us on Instagram @what.ted.wore

Tag us in your What Ted Wore garms or just come have a nosey at Ted's latest tracksuit.