Five Eco Friendly Swaps that are an Absolute Game Changer (and super easy to do!)

Since the beginning of the year I’ve been on a mission to recycle more, reduce my plastic waste and of course, reuse when possible.

 I’ve got the reusable coffee cup, the metal water bottle and the biodegradable baby wipes, but I wanted to see what other household items I could swap for more sustainable choices.

Reusable Face Wipes

After working out that by using approx x 3 cotton pads a day to take my make up off (that’s an eye watering 1065 used a year) something had to change.

 I came across these reusable face wipes from My January Baby – Helen started making the wipes when she realised that all the offcuts of material from the handmade clothes she was making were being wasted and thrown away. She came up with a simple, but amazing idea to back the left over fabric with super soft bamboo and turn them into the face wipes.

Not only are these wipes mega adorable (you’re sent the prints at random, so it’s a lovely surprise to receive), but they also feel so much kinder on your eyes and skin than the store bought cotton pads. They’re also so much more effective. Now I only need x 1 to take off ma whole face of make up, and I wear L’Oreal Double Wear foundation (if you know, you know).

The wipes can be chucked in the washing machine with all your other washing, and they come out look shiny and new.

Shop the wipes  here  or check out My January Baby’s  Instagram

Shop the wipes here or check out My January Baby’s Instagram

The Foamie Shampoo Bar

 As someone who washes their hair every day, I was super aware of how much shampoo (and plastic) I was getting through. I’d been on the look out for a shampoo bar for a while, and this little one caught my attention in Boots. The Foamie smells amazing (I went for the floral scent) and costs £7. It states on the back that it should last for approx 24 washes – I’m pretty impressed as I’ve had it about three weeks (21 washes) and there’s still a whole chunk of soap left.

 I’ve used pretty much every single brand of shampoo out there and I can confidently say that this lil babe is one of the best. My hair feels super clean, smells like flowers and has more volume than its had since I was preggo with Ted (I really miss my second trimester hair of dreams).

Shop the Foamie product range  here

Shop the Foamie product range here

Bamboo Toothbrushes

!Ever since Ted got his first tiny tooth through (at the grand old age of 11 months!) we’ve been using bamboo toothbrushes. These toothbrushes (available in kids and adults sizes) are 95% bio degradable (including all of the packaging). The non biodegradable 5% is due to the brush bristles being a BPA free Nylon. The toothbrushes have the option to be bought through a subscription service (a new one will arrive in the post every 2/3 months) which is mega handy and means you won’t have to lie to your dentist about how often you change your toothbrush.

Oh, and they look ADORABLE too!

Shop the Bamboo Toothbrush  here .

Shop the Bamboo Toothbrush here.

Natural Deodorant

The Natural Deodrant company was advertised to me on Instagram (they must of heard me chattin’ about my eco swaps). They have an amazing choice of scents to try and also an ‘active deodorant’ for those sweaty gym days (not for me then). I went for the grapefruit and mint scent, and I must say it smells lovely. The ingredients include shea butter and coconut oil which made my underarms feel super nourished and soft.

I decided to go for the larger pot size (£11) which comes in a glass pot with metal lid.

Unfortunately the smaller pot still uses a plastic lid (something that the company states on the website they are trying to change).

Shop The Natural Deodorant  here

Shop The Natural Deodorant here

Essential Oils

 I know this one isn’t exactly ground breaking, but essentials oils are just so handy (and eco friendly!). As a previous member of the Zoflora brigade (my fav scent was Clean Linen) essential oils are a more eco way of getting that fresh scent without overusing the chemicals.

After cleaning the toilet/kitchen sink I used to chuck in some Zoflora ala Mrs Hinch to, ya know, get it extra clean. Now I use my fav Eucalyptus essential oil, and not only does it smell fresher I don’t have to worry if Ted’s tiny hands reach into the toilet bowl (we all know it happens).

I picked up this little bottle from TKMaxx for the bargain price of £2.99.

Essential Oils.jpg

So, that’s my top five. Have I missed anything?

I’m always on the look out for more eco friendly swaps, so if you have any hints, tips or ideas then leave me a comment and let me know :)

Much love,



P.S Fancy hearing about our eco friendly packaging? Check out the FAQ’s to find out more.

Super Snazzy Snowsuits

Ted turned two at the end of last year, so this is his third brutal (slightly over dramatic) British winter.

He’s had a puddle suit, an array of cosy baby all in ones and of course a selection of coats. This year I decided to invest the dolla in a proper padded snowsuit that would keep him warm but still have him able to run around at top speed all through the cold months. 

I’ve only seen Ted cold twice (he’s a hot bodied little fellow). Once when we went swimming in a not very warm pool and all he had was a little pair of Boden swim shorts to keep him warm. The other was when we visited a pumpkin patch for his birthday. Even though he was decked out in all the layers (including a long sleeve tee, jumper, coat AND a hat) I could tell by his bright red cheeks, cold tiny hands and little wavy voice that this kid was freezing. 

Cue me searching the internet in the car on the way home to find the perfect snowsuit for the little lad.


If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories you’ll know that this bad boy is the snowsuit of choice that I decided to buy for Ted. We can all plainly see how amazing the aesthetics of this snowsuit are. I tried it on Ted and only one word sums up how it looked. Adorable. It’s like a puffy fighter pilot teddy bear vibe, and I really like it. 

 There’s also a jacket version of this style (with a slight colour variation) which also looks amazing, if you don’t want to commit to the whole body type thing.

After using it a couple of times, the only downside is that it’s quite tricky to put on as it is SO puffy. You also have to take shoes off before putting it on/taking it off as the cuffs are pretty fitted. A small price to pay for it looking so awesome, but I’d say if you were using it one a daily basis I’d be prepared to get a bit pissed off with it.

Shop Next snowsuits  here.

Shop Next snowsuits here.


Always a fan favourite, Boden always come up trumps in terms of pattern and these two do not disappoint. I’m absolutely in love with this space print and the liberty style one isn’t too shabby either. A mega plus point of the Boden snowsuit is that there are integral mittens (there words not mine), which I’m pretty sure means there are mittens attached and can be zippered on and off. The sad news is that they only goes up to age 2, which is pretty rubbish if you have a tall two year old. I don’t think Ted would appreciate the front wedgie tbh.

Shop Boden snowsuits  here.

Shop Boden snowsuits here.

 Kuling (available at Alex and Alexa)

When searching for kids snowsuits you come across a lot of navy, black and red. Which is fine, but sometimes you just want that pop of colour and it’s also a major benefit in my eyes to dress your kid the brightest thing possible so you can always keep a loving eye on them while you drink your coffee in the playground. These two from Kuling do not disappoint on the colour front – a bright and bold turquoise and of course the seasons fav colour of yellow. You can choose either a single or double zip and they’ve also got a detachable faux fur hood. An added bonus to these is the elasticated foot strap, which means no more cold ankles or that kinda awkward jeans/snowsuit/sock layer ruched up the leg thing that happens to kids.

Shop Kuling snowsuits at  Alex and Alexa.

Shop Kuling snowsuits at Alex and Alexa.

Hatley (also at Alex and Alexa)

The cutest trio (of snowsuits) I ever did see.

Hatley’s definitely knocking it out of the park when it comes to bright and beautiful statement snowsuits. These guys are also machine washable and come with mittens and booties (perfect if you’re little one isn’t walking yet).

Shop Hatley snowsuits at  Alex and Alexa.

Shop Hatley snowsuits at Alex and Alexa.

 Dare 2be

I’ve haven’t come across Dare 2b as a brand before, but their name made me think of a late 90’s/early 00’s girl band, so naturally I went with it. They’re stocked at pretty much all the big department stores (think John Lewis, HoF etc) and do some pretty sweet gender neutral snow suits that go up to age 4. All these snow suits are designed with a diagonal zip which means quicker and easier getting your tantruming toddler in and out. They also have poppers on the inside leg which is just genius really, as I most definitely haven’t considered the many, many issues in changing a nappy while in a snow suit.

Dare 2b snowsuits can be found  here  and are also stocked at John Lewis, HoF and Debenhams.

Dare 2b snowsuits can be found here and are also stocked at John Lewis, HoF and Debenhams.

Little Bird By Jools Oliver

So this one isn’t ‘technically’ a snow suit, more a puddlesuit (a snow suit is super padded and cosy, while a puddle suit is thinner and usually just waterproof). And yes, those two are jackets…But they’re just too beaut not to include.

I mean, just look at them

I’ve got my eye on the green jacket for Ted when pay day (eventually) comes around.

Puddlesuits are great to keep under the buggy and to whip out for those impromptue park visits or when your little one spots a massive muddy puddle at 10 o clock.

The puddlesuit goes up to a size 3-4 years, and the jacket up to 9-10 years.

I have a feeling that they’ll sell out pretty quick, so go grab one if you want it. Not everyone though, save one for me please!

Shop Little Bird by Jools Oliver  here.

Shop Little Bird by Jools Oliver here.

So, what ya thinking about snowsuits?

We’re pretty much a city living fam, but a snow suit sure does come in handy for those occasional walks in the countryside, when you’re staying out a lil bit later in the evening or IF it happens to snow (it is nice to be prepared).

And, not gone lie, there is something insanely cute seeing a toddler run wild incased in all the puffer. Knowing that they’re super snug and waterproof is a massive bonus too.


Lucy x

P.S Let me know what you think in the comments section, have I missed any good ones? 

New Year, Same Me

Ok, so first off I had the idea to start writing this blog post pre-Christmas while watching The Holiday on Netflix. Not important to this post at all, but seriously HOW LONG IS THAT FILM? It’s never ending. So never ending in fact that I stopped watching with half an hour to go (I still watched a whopping 1hr 45mins of it) and started writing this.

 Anyway, back to business.

New year, new you riiiight?

 Actually, I’m pretty stoked with the me that’s right here, right now.

 The new year is a great time to make plans, to make lists and to think about upping your game. To eat better, to go to the gym, to budget properly and not spend all your money in the Zara sale (on that leopard print dress that just HAD to be bought).

 My previous new year resolutions have ranged from giving up mayonnaise (I have a habit of putting it on all food that I consume after 11am), to deciding to eat healthy and go to the gym three times a week the year I turned 25 (didn’t happen).

 When thinking about my resolution for this year, I decided to change tack by asking myself what I was happy with and what I wanted to continue doing instead of focusing on what I wanted to change.

Here’s a couple of them -

1) To keep building What Ted Wore as a brand and business. This lil biz of mine was started in July 2018 and it’s been a game changer for me. I’m seriously excited to get to work and to see what the next year brings. I’m thinking new product, new designs and the holy grail that is wholesale.

2) To keep making eco friendly swaps and lifestyle changes. We’ve got a long way to go, but in 2018 we swapped out water bottles and coffee cups for reusable ones, as well as switching to eco friendly household cleaners, soaps, baby wipes and face wipes. There’s a shiz ton more swaps to be made so here’s to learning more and making a small, but important, difference.

3) Spending quality time with Ted.

I know that number three sounds like a no brainer, but after thinking it over there was one thing that kept coming back to me. One part of my life that I could confidently say that I loved and that I didn’t need or want to change at all.

 Being a Mum.

Hanging out at the park, going to a coffee shop or soft play with Ted might not sound like the most exciting things ever. It’ll probably sound mundane to some, but for me it’s my favourite place to be because it means hanging out with him. Of course we do other stuff, but the day to day bits; the going to the shops, with him holding my hand, waiting for the green man to flash so we can cross the road. Ordering a babycino for him, knowing full well he’ll probably spill most of it on the floor/his shoes/on me. These little bits of every day life are the some of the moments that I cherish most. Just me and him, hanging out. Doing our own thing.

 This is probably the only time I’ve ever given myself full credit and not been ashamed to say it, so I might as well go the whole hog and shout it out loud.

I’m not just a Mum. I’m a good Mum.

And I’m really proud to say it.

 This isn’t me wanting to blow my own trumpet or thinking I’m the total shiz at parenting. I’ve had all the high and lows and rollercoaster of emotions that come with raising a little one. I remember when Ted was a tiny newborn, telling him that tomorrow I’d do better. I’d be better at feeding him, I wouldn’t cry (cheers hormones) that I’d make it out of the house. At the time I felt like I was a rubbish Mum, and that I’d never get it right. That I’d never feel confident in raising this little person, that I wouldn’t be enough for him or what he deserved.

New Year New Me.jpg

It’s very easy to get bogged down with the feeling that you’re not a good enough parent. To concentrate on the negative. To remember the time when you forgot to pack snacks. Or when you didn’t bring a spare pair of clothes and there was a projectile puke situation. Or when you couldn’t make it to Rhyme Time because you were too hungover from drinking pink wine the previous night.

 I read somewhere that babies and toddlers see their parents and carers as their whole universe. 

If you can imagine that (it actually makes me feel quite tearful), their whole universe is pretty much all you. You’re all that they love, all that they know. You make them feel safe. You give the best cuddles. You can make them laugh like no one else.

 So this year, I’m not making any resolutions. Sure, I’ll be trying to drink more water. I’ll probably attempt a budget spreadsheet (only coz I spent all my money in December). I’ll try and limit my mayonnaise intake. But what I’m really raising my glass to this year, is me. 

For working through the tough, tantrum times and that month long phase of Ted not wanting to wear a coat (seriously, why? And don’t get me started on mittens). For saying ‘See Ya’ to anxiety and our (much loved by me) routine and heading to Bestival for our first festival and camping trip together.

To those dreamy, summer days in the park and for keeping Ted’s melon head covered with a hat (a serious achievement). The endless car pukes and car seat cleaning (worst job ever) and that time when Ted coughed but it actually came out a puke and it pretty much cleared the room (sorry these are all so vomit related, but he’s a mega pukey kid).

2018 was the year I heard ‘Wuv u, Mama’ and I felt like my already full heart couldn’t possibly take any more.

 Here’s to more giggles, belly laughs, road trips (but hopefully with less puke) and most of all love (and babycinos).

 Watch out 2019, I’m coming for you! 

Big loves,



The L Word

 Pre Ted, loneliness is not a word that I would have associated with becoming a parent.

 Super tired, yes. A nervous wreck, of course. Eating my weight in cake and drinking endless cups of tea, definitely!

But lonely? 

I even thought it myself. How can I be lonely when I’m with someone all the time? I’m pretty sure people even said that to me. “How can you be lonely? You’ve got Ted to hang out with?”.

 Well duh.

Have you ever had a conversation with a newborn baby? They’re cute but their chat is pretty dry. And in all honesty after spending 24/7 with them it would be pretty nice to go out and have a conversation with an actual human adult. Even if that conversation would mainly feature baby bowel movements and how many hours you spent shushing last night (a lot).

 Walking around my local park and nearby area (I lived in the baby capital of Stoke Newington when Ted was born) I would see groups of mums just hanging out, best friends with kids having coffee and parents at the playground chatting. I felt like they all knew something I didn’t. That there was a special club that I should have joined before Ted was born to get to know everyone.

 I felt rubbish. And yes, I did have a little cry. Probably while walking round the park.

The L Word.jpg

 It’s taken me months to write this blog post. I’ve come back to it on numerous occasions, just looked at it, did a spell check then left. To finish it I’ve had to listen to the Wicked soundtrack while typing, as you simply can’t feel crap while listening to Idina Menzel blast out Defying Gravity.

It’s not that it’s a hard subject to write about, I guess it’s just hard to go over the times when you felt low. Being a parent is tough, especially in those first months and emotions are running high. At a time when you’re probably at your most vulnerable, everything is magnified and for me I felt like I was somehow failing because I wasn’t out there every day in my leisure wear, coffee cup in hand chatting to my fellow new mums.

 With no family nearby, friends at work and a husband busy bringing home that bacon, it’s a situation that I guess a lot of new parents find themselves in. It hadn’t crossed my mind while pregnant that I didn’t know anyone else in London that had kids. I was looking forward to all the time off work, spent with my little bundle of Ted, but I didn’t consider that I wouldn’t have anyone to spend it with.

Of course, there are the evening, the weekends, the visits from friends and family. But those weekdays. Those weekdays are long. Even longer if your baby wakes up at 5am then doesn’t go to sleep until 9pm. That’s a whole load of time in between, and as much as I love my own company, I really don’t love it that much.

The L Word 2.jpg

 BUT, this post is not all doom and gloom and me venting and feeling sorry for myself. If there’s one thing I pride myself on, it’s that I’m an optimist.

 Call me a Sagittarius, call me up-beat, call me just plain annoying. But one thing I’m good at doing is digging myself out of a misery hole and problem solving the shit out of it.

For me, it was just another mountain I had to climb. If I could get through the four month sleep regression then I could sure as hell put myself out there and find some new friends.

 I started small.

 There was a lady on our road that had a baby only a couple of months older than Ted. We’d chatted a few times in the street about buggies (we had the same one) and how annoying and steep the steps down to our flats were. I didn’t know how to contact her as I didn’t have her number, and I wasn’t brave enough to just come out and ask her. So, I sent her a note. I found a pack of thank you notes left over from my wedding and wrote her a message and included my phone number. Looking back I can’t even believe that I had the balls to do it, but I wrote it out and posted it through her door (of course running away quickly). I realise now that I could have just knocked on her door, but really, who with a baby wants an unexpected visitor. Definitely not me.

 The next phase in ‘find new friends’ was to go to all the baby groups and classes that I could possibly go to without going insane. Luckily for me there was a one in my local park which was both free and met every Tuesday. Sometimes I made it, sometimes I didn’t, but everyone there was lovely and non-judgemental (apart from the one time someone told me it wasn’t PC to put a child in a play pen. I’d just bought Ted a play pen). I totally realise that not all play groups are like this, and believe me when I say I’ve been to a lot of them, and some are just plain shit. But some are good, and some are worth brushing your teeth for and there are some that you’ll want to go back to. It might just take some time and dedication to find the right one.

 What made the biggest impact on me while finding friends was the Mush app. If you haven’t heard of Mush, it’s basically an app designed to help parents in the same area meet. Kind of like Tinder but with more nap chat and without the harsh swiping.

 This opened up a whole world of new possibilities. There were literally hundreds of new parents less than a mile away who were in the same situation as me. A new parent, a little bit lost and just wanting some company.

 It feels easier (and less scary) to connect with people through social media, that’s where the Mush app really works it magic. No matter how crappy you’re feeling, rough you look or if you’re having a particulary socially adverse day, you can still say hey and start talking through the power of the chat/messaging feature 

I made Mum dates. A lot of them. Once I got started, I found it hard to stop. And the more I went on, the more I enjoyed them. It made me realise that I definitely wasn’t alone, and I wasn’t the only one feeling lonely.

 I laughed, I had awkward moments, I drank coffee, I hung out at the park, I got stood up.

 Some I only saw the once, some I still chat to and there’s a lovely few of them that I call friends.

 One thing I’ve learnt about myself from being a parent, is that I can pretty much do anything. Compared to raising Ted and dealing with those two weeks when he resisted ALL NAPS, going on a Mum date isn’t really that scary. It’s even less scary when you realise that the other Mum is in the exact same boat and dealing with nap/food/general douche bag phases too. In fact, it helps. It helps so, so much to hear that other people’s kids aren’t sleeping, or only eat Babybells or for some reason like eating the gross sand at the play ground. 

When we moved to Bristol I had to say goodbye to all these new Mum mates (a little bit heart breaking), but they’re still there to chat to, they’re there supporting me and my new lil business and they’re there to send hilarious photos of your child to (you know, the one’s when they’re mid blink/falling over something)

 Don’t be afraid to say hi to the Mum down the road (or to send her a note), don’t feel silly about asking a Mum your chatting to for her number so you can meet up again and don’t fret about arranging a Mum date. 

You don’t have to be super confident, or mega chatty or even fully awake (most new parents aren’t anyway).

 Because being lonely is shitty, and admitting it is hard, but putting yourself out there and finding someone you can laugh with, discuss your birth story in detail with and someone you can just hang out with is pretty sweet.

 Big loves,



For more info on the Mush Mum meeting app visit the Mush website here

 New parents can often feel overwhelmed and isolated. Please talk to a friend/family member or health practitioner if these feelings persist or are affecting your day to day life.

These Boots were Made for Walking (and Stomping)

Autumn is kinda/officially here. The pumpkin spiced latte’s are being drunk, the winter pj’s are being stocked up on and the C word is being flung about already.

I guess that means it’s time to start getting that winter wardrobe sorted. Your kids one of course, not yours silly.

 When it comes to shoes for Ted, I am admittedly, a bit of a stinge.

Ted’s had the grand total of six pairs of shoes in his lil life (including a pair of wellies and some jelly sandals).  Mainly because I’d rather spend a bit more dolla on one really nice, well-fitting pair then have a couple of pairs hanging round the shoe rack that I’m not that in to. Also, kids shoes can be pretty expensive, and you have no control over how quickly those beautiful teeny feet are going to grow and how long those shoes will last for. It could be one month, it could be five! Those tiny toes could grow overnight and you could be left with four pairs of slightly worn shoes that no longer fit.

For me, Ted’s shoes are a big decision, especially for the colder months. They need to go with pretty much every outfit, be hard wearing for the general abuse they’ll receive from toddler life, and of course comfy.

Oh yeah, and cute.

 So, with Autumn right here, right now it’s time for me to start thinking what boots to buy. 

Ted in his first pair of shoes, the Kickers Kick Hi Classic Baby. Available to buy at

Ted in his first pair of shoes, the Kickers Kick Hi Classic Baby. Available to buy at

If you’ve seen any of my Insta pics from last year, you would know that I had a massive obsession with Kickers and in particular the little, bright red boot variety.

In all honesty, they are expensive, and I was definitely shocked when the shoe fitter (shoe assistant?) told me how much they were. BUT they do last. Ted had his first pair for about three months, and they survived snow, gravel and all the muddy puddles. They would have lasted longer, but I somehow lost one of them when bringing all our stuff in from the car after Christmas (I really don’t know how I did it). The second pair lasted until Ted’s feet fit them no more, which luckily coincided with warmer weather, meaning I could swap them for a pair of trainers.

The Kickers Kick Hi Classic Infant, Available to buy at

The Kickers Kick Hi Classic Infant, Available to buy at

 They’re chunky, hard wearing, look adorable and come in various colours to suit pretty much all tastes. I loved dressing Ted in his with skinny jeans, a tartan shirt, parka and bobble hat. They pack a kick though, so watch out for those shins when your little one is wearing them.

 Joules have recently teamed up with Kickers for a super cute collab. They have a limited edition range that involves a shark print, floral and a whole load of pink. Definitely worth checking out.

The Kickers x Joules collab (currently on sale). Available to buy at

The Kickers x Joules collab (currently on sale). Available to buy at

 Another mega boot to consider is the mighty Dr Marten. These bad boys not only look badass, but you just have to read the reviews on their website to see how much parents rate them.

My fav choice at the mo is the cherry red lace up. Don’t be scared though guys, the laces aren’t the only way to put the boots on. Dr Martens have cleverly put a zip on the inside, so you won’t spend half your morning putting your kids shoes on.

 They also come in camo, pink, glitter, patent and of course classic black.

The Dr Marten Toddler 1460. Available to buy at

The Dr Marten Toddler 1460. Available to buy at

 One main issue I had with the Dr Martens was would they take a while to wear in. Something that you definitely don’t want or need when you have a kid. I visited the Bristol store to ask this very question, and in short, no. The kids boots have a squidgy lining which means they can be worn straight outta the shop with no dramas. The stand alone stores also measure and fit the kids shoes or boots, so you can be completely happy knowing that your kids stompers fit them properly and are super comfy.

 Clarks isn’t somewhere that I’d automatically shop for shoes for Ted, mainly due to the insane queues and ticket system that I’ve faced when I attempted to get his feet measured, and the fact that they didn’t sell the Kickers that I 99% knew I wanted. They have some fun styles online though and are of course known for their quality and customer service.

The Clarks City Vine Hi and City Vine Jungle. Available to buy at

The Clarks City Vine Hi and City Vine Jungle. Available to buy at

 A style in particular that I think looks great is the City Vine Hi Top – more of a trainer style boot I guess, but it comes in a variety of colour ways and patterns, including, dare I say, a grey leopard print. How practical suede is on a kids winter boot, I’m not entirely sure, but the website assures me that they’re both easy to clean and machine washable. They also come in half sizes and have two choices of width to make sure they’re the best fit.

 Next is my go to shop for pretty much everything regarding Ted’s wardrobe. Saying that, I’ve never bought shoes from there, so the next couple of sentences are purely based on aesthetics.

 Next has a great selection of boots, including these blue rainbow ones that are just cute as cupcake sprinkles. The detail is lovely with the rainbow stitching and star eyelet. They also sit higher on the ankle than most other boots I’ve seen, so would keep little legs warm (and would look lovely with leggings/tights too). They also come in snake print, which is very on trend, gold, and red (which I think make them look like a lil pair of faux Kickers for half the price).

Lace up boots from Next. Available to buy at

Lace up boots from Next. Available to buy at

 So, what am I buying for Ted?

 My hearts kinda been set on the red Dr M’s ever since I bought him a pair of dungarees. You just can’t beat that stripey top/dungaree/Dr Martens combo. Or as my little bro calls it the ‘Chucky look’. 


 Luckily, Ted’s a Halloween baby so this look is pretty much perfect for him. Also, Chucky is hella scary, but he totally nailed the dungarees.

 Lucy x

P.S Have I missed anyone out? Let me know where you shop for your little one’s shoes. The more shoe knowledge, the better!

Super Sweet Sweatshirts from the High Street

Autumn is by far by favourite season, and although I’ve loved being a lil sweaty Betty chillin’ in the park and eating my weight in ice cream, this cooler weather has made me all excited for Ted's autumn/winter wardrobe.

One of mine and Ted’s wardrobe staples is the basic sweatshirt. I have a weakness for the grey variety, and it seems this has been passed on to Ted too. Sweatshirts are not just comfy and snug, but you can chuck them on over a tee and a cool (and cosy) outfit is instantly made.

I’ve put together a sweet list of sweatshirts that can be bought from the high street - some of them *ahem* may have already been bought. 

1. Next

I bought Ted a couple of sweatshirts from Next last year and not only did they look the part but they were reasonably priced and lasted approx. 583050 washes without falling apart. This season they’ve won me over again with these mega bright colours and cheerful designs. 

They’re not the thickest of jumpers, but like everybody knows, it’s all about the layers. It’s a bit of a faff but a button down shirt under one of these makes your little one look like a tiny dweeb (in a good way) and like they’re dressed up all fancy with somewhere to be.

The turquoise 'planet pug' sweatshirt has already been bought, tried on, got a thumbs up and is now patiently waiting in Ted's chest of drawers for that first chilly autumn morning. It's hella cute and it has a dog on it (might be the start of a theme..).

WTW Blog Flatlay 3.jpg

2. HM

Ted’s just moved up a size range at HM, so he’s now in the boy category (1.5 - 10 years) which means he’s officially not a baby anymore.  After shedding a couple of tears I had a look at his new size range and decided it’s actually pretty sweet. These sweatshirts are all £5.99, good quality for the price and one of them bears a more-than-slight resemblance to a Kenzo sweatshirt, minus the embroidery.

I must admit, the white section (of the second sweatshirt) concerns me slightly. But when you think about it, is any colour immune to a toddler’s eating habits?

(The answer is of course, no).

What I really love is that all these sweatshirts were in both the boys AND girls section. Not a dinosaur or unicorn in sight. Nice one HM.

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3. Zara

Speaking of inappropriate colours for a toddler, check out these beauties!

There seems to be a lot of these peachy tones around for the autumn/winter, which I am absolutely loving. As a natural blonde with a complexion often described as ‘you look unwell’, I can’t really pull off this blush/beige/natural beautiful-ness, but of course a young child with perfect skin and a rosy glow can wear pretty much anything, including this geometric sweatshirt of beauty. Again, the white concerns me (especially around the neckline) and I feel like I’d have to stockpile the Vanish to validate buying for Ted.

Oh, and no bitchy comments about the doggy jumper in the middle. Yes, it’s completely ridiculous and has 3D ears, but I have no shame in saying that I saw it, bought it (for a tenner) and LOVE IT. #KawaiiForever.

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4. Adidas

It wouldn’t really be a What Ted Wore blog post if I didn’t mention an Adidas tracksuit would it?

If you had told me five years ago that I’d be dressing my future baby boy in sportswear, I probably would of ignored you and got on with my day. But fast forward almost two years and Ted’s got a pretty sweet tracky bum collection. I personally blame the Mini Rodini x Adidas collab for setting me on this tracksuit journey. Who could possibly resist a monochrome panda two piece, especially when it fits a tiny six month old. 

Adidas is my tracksuit brand of choice for Ted, and this season they have a whole load of sweet colourways. What I love about them (apart from making your child look like a tiny terror) is that you can get three completely different outfits out of them. I often mix and match the top and joggers with other pieces of Ted's wardrobe and I’m quite partial to layering the tracky jacket with a hoodie underneath.

This camo, monochrome babe is currently in my online basket for Ted's 2nd birthday. Adidas discount codes are few and far between, but they do give out a 15% off code when you leave a review on a previous purchase.

Also, their customer service is top notch.

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5. John Lewis

Is it me or are lama’s absolutely EVERYWHERE at the moment? They're appliquéd onto pencil cases, stuck onto sunglasses and turned into umbrellas (seriously, go check out Tiger). It appears John Lewis have jumped on the lama bandwagon as a couple popped up when looking for sweatshirts online. This embroidered one below is pretty cute though, and I love the use of mustard yellow with turquoise stitching.

Ted's had a couple of sweatshirts from John Lewis's own brand, and I’m always really pleased with the quality for the price (a sweatshirt is around £10). What’s great is that they usually do matching joggers too, which makes a pretty adorable and mega easy outfit to put together.

One thing I’ve learnt with a John Lewis print (they usually have a new animal design each season), is to buy it when you see it. Last year I bought Ted a panda print sweatshirt and foolishly left the matching joggers in the basket. Big mistake. They sold out that week in store and online, and I had to wait a whole month before they were back in stock again, and he could rock the whole outfit together,

WTW Blog Flatlay 5.jpg

In conclusion, there’s a whole load of mega cute pieces out there to get started on your little one’s autumn/winter wardrobe. Whether it be a simple grey sweatshirt or one with a 3D dog coming out of it, we really are spoilt for choice and the high street have nailed the fact that we don’t just want to dress our boys in blue and girls in pink anymore. I am LOVING all the beautiful neutral tones (minus the stain concerns of course), super excited about the bright  and bold turquoise and yellows, and of course, digging all the slogans.

And kinda happy (more like undecided) about the lamas. 

Get shopping people, winter is coming.

(Not gona lie, I’m pretty happy that I got a Game of Thrones reference into a kids fashion blog).

Big loves,

Lucy + Ted



Taking a Toddler to a Festival

Pre-Ted I was an avid festival goer, with Glastonbury being my main squeeze to look forward to in the summer. Drinking cider in the (sometimes) sun, dancing til the early hours and doing all the other things a young, child free person does over a boozy long weekend.

Even after Ted was born, in the summer of 2017, we took a couple of days off from baby duties and sent Ted off to his country spa retreat (Grandma’s house with a paddling pool) and went to Bestival for four fun packed days with friends.

Bestival 2015 and Glastonbury 2008 (this photo was taken on an ACTUAL CAMERA hence the awful quality).

But a festival, with Ted? My initial reaction to taking Ted to a festival that included camping overnight was a definite HELL NO. As a person and a Mama who loves routine, thrives on knowing what’s coming next and has the more-than-occasional bout of anxiety, the thought of taking Ted and I out of our comfort zone was a massive cause of stress.

But like most things in life, you sometimes get an epiphany and a ‘what the hell?!’ moment and suddenly come to your senses. This happened to me when I was watching Good Morning Britain (yes) and Richard Branson (stay with me) was talking about all the amazing things he’s done with his life and the adventures he's been on (I’m power phrasing but you get the gist). Basically, he was saying there’s so much fun and good opportunities going on in the world that you just have to take them and just bloody well enjoy it.

Well, that stopped me dead in my tracks.

Richard was right! I had this amazing opportunity to take my favourite person in the world to an amazing place. The things he would see, the music he would hear and the fun he would have. Why would I NOT want to go?

After that, it was decided. I rang the George (the hubby) and told him it was a HELL YEAH and we got our butts in gear (coz packing for a festival with a child takes tiiiiime).

I've put together a lil list of points that I hope will help if you’re thinking of taking your little ones camping or to a festival.

1) Take the biggest tent you can afford/carry

In my opinion, the bigger the better (tent, of course). That extra room is a luxury and as mentioned above there’s a lot of stuff to take with you. Also, if the weather's a bit rubbish you’ll probably find that you’ll be holed up in said tent more that you’d like to be. So the more room the better imo.

Our tent was in no way massive (some crews at Camp Bestival had epic family tents), but we could stand up in it. It had a central main area, then two pods either side that could be used for bedrooms. It was great to have the space to put all our personal bits like bags/clothes etc then the main space for the buggy and cool box. We ended up all sleeping in the one bedroom as we’re cute like that (and it was cold).

2) Take a blow up air mattress

 A blow up mattress gives you a comfy place to sleep (mega important) and it also puts a barrier between you and the ground, which even in summer, gets real cold in the middle of the night. I bought a fitted sheet to go on top of the air mattress as I hate the feel of that flocked material they always cover them with and it makes it feel more cosy.

Also, and this a big bonus, when setting up at the campsite blow the air mattress up first. Ted and his cousin used it to bounce/play on and it kept them entertained for ages. Just make sure you bring some gaffa tape incase they pop it.

Remember to take an air pump for the mattress, unless you love that light headed feeling. We had a foot pump, but you can buy battery powered pumps. Word on the street (a family camping next us) you can also buy self inflating camping mattresses. #dreamy 

3) Put together an activity bag

 Ok, so I’m going to admit how much fun I had putting together an activity bag for Ted. It was just so cute. I filled his mini back pack with some stuff that I knew he'd love (a colouring book, new crayons and stickers), brought some new little toys from Tiger (a squishy slime ball and a fisherman toy) then added in a couple of his fav little cars and small books. This bag saved us BIG TIME when setting up our tent and also in those early mornings when I was slightly hungover from too many cans of Pimms. 

Tiger has a great selection of colouring books and small toys for as little as £2, as does Wilkinson (Ted’s crayons were a bargain at £1 for a pack of 10).

4) Take a buggy or a wagon

  I think this one depends on how old your child is, but for us our buggy was an essential piece of kit to take. Ted still has a nap in the middle of the day, so the buggy meant that we didn’t have to walk back to the tent and attempt to get him to nap there (would never happen). Having a buggy also means you can dump a whole load of stuff underneath (and hide booze).

At Camp Bestival the main source of transport for older kids was wagons. Some families proper decked them out with make shift roofs, blankets and fairy lights to make them cosy and they looked ah-mazing. Ted’s still a bit young to appreciate the wagon and definitely still needs a mode of transport where he can be strapped in, but if you've got an older kid or one that listens to you, then a wagon would be a good idea (you can also hide booze in it).

We were really lucky with the weather, apart from the mega winds at the end of the weekend, so our buggy (Bugaboo Cameleon) handled the terrain like a boss. We bought off road wheels in the event of rain, and they came in handy when the weather turned on Sunday when we were packing up.

5) Take a phone/tablet device (that you don't mind a child using) and a portable charger

 I know some parents are against screen time, but for me that little iPhone was like a knight in shining armour. I was going to write a couple of examples of how that iPhone beauty saved us, but I think the video below explains it all. 

After a busy day at the festival it was nice (and essential) for Ted to have a bit of down time in the tent and just sit still and watch something. A festival can be overwhelming for kids. There’s so much to see and do, and a whole load of sugar to eat. A half an hour or so watching some cartoons meant that Ted had time to chill out and just be calm.

We bought a portable charger from Amazon and it lasted the whole festival. We charged our phones twice each and came home with battery to spare. When away with children I think it's essential to be able to make a call or receive a call at any time. Plus, being able to take as many photos as you want AND have the option of some You Tube down time is a massive bonus.

6) Take as many snacks as you can carry

I'm not trying to sell t-shirts here (ok, well I am but not in this post..) but literally take as many snacks as you can carry. Ted was ravenous the whole weekend, and although we obviously fed him proper meals, it was so much easier having snacks to give him when he decided he wanted to "eat, eat!" rather than find somewhere to buy food and queue up. They're running around like little wildlings all day and the whole eating routine is messed up, so really, take those Babybells and individually wrapped bars of Soreen and just give them to them when needed.

 7) To fancy dress or not to fancy dress

 In order to fully enjoy the festival and have the least amount of time dedicated to stress prior to it, I decided to not go crazy over the fancy dress. The theme for Camp Bestival this year was nautical, which meant a striped tee and a captain hat for Ted and a sequin dress (not at all nautical, but ya know) for me.

Fancy dress is super fun, and when Ted's older I'm going to fully embrace it. But, for this year I chose to be relaxed, simple and just go with the flow.

So, did we enjoy it?

To sum it up, I loved it. And Ted loved it. Sure, it was hard at times. We all got tired, some of us hungover. Ted had tantrums, he ran off, he refused to go in his buggy. Sometimes he was a major douche bag...

BUT, we had the best time. That stuff’s going to happen anyway, regardless of where you are. They’re kids! What surprised me the most is how well Ted adapted to everything. He was completely fine with all the things I had worried about.

When he woke up that first morning, he wasn’t spun out or upset. He was fine. He was fine because Mama and Dada was there. That’s all he needed.

He ate like a champ. I bought all the snacks with us (that he devoured) but he also ate all the food we ate. He had risotto balls, a jack fruit burger, a burrito. He also ate a lot of chips and A LOT of ice cream, but that’s okay.

He went to sleep. He was so knackered that he napped in his buggy during the day, then passed out in the buggy at night. And one of the best parts? Having that stinky little ice cream covered tiny boy give me cuddles all through the night. As emo as it sounds l looked forward to having those night time cuddles. It’s something that I’ll remember forever.

So, if you’re thinking of doing it, go for it. Whether it be camping or a festival or both, go for it! As soon as I realised that it wouldn’t be perfect, that I couldn’t make it perfect it became a lot easier to enjoy.

At the time, packing up our tent in 40mph winds with Ted strapped into his buggy watching Peppa Pig, was hella stressful. But looking back on it, it’s just pretty hilarious. 

Ted giving me a massive cuddle, in the sunshine while watching Mr Tumble with his little face smiling at me.

George and me high fiving when Ted dropped off to sleep, so we could go eat potato wedges, drink Pimms and watch Clean Bandit.

Ted waking up in morning, happy. Shouting “Mama! Dada!” and jumping all over us.

Those are the memories that I’ll treasure, that we’ll laugh about, that we’ll tell to family and friends over and over. Those are the memories that we’ll Ted about when he’s older, when he’s off to his first festival with his own friends. We’ll remind him of how we had to pull over on the drive to the site as he'd done a massive puke, how his Uncle Joe gave him a lift in a golf buggy to the campsite and of how many times we mega belly laughed over the smallest and silliest of things.

Cheers to our first festival toddler Ted, I'm looking forward to the next one already.

Big loves,

Lucy (Mama)


P.S I've just realised how long this post is, so well done and thank you if you've got this far.

Bigging up the Competition

When Ted was a tiny baby (we’re talking 5 months old-ish) and I was getting, quite honestly, a little bit bored of the usual baby hangouts. I decided it was time to engage my brain again, attempt to say goodbye to the Mum fog and do something a little bit exciting and creative (as much as you can do with a clingy 5 month old anyway).

I was kinda confined to a radius of two miles from our flat in Stoke Newington. I wasn’t ready or mentally prepared to tackle the underground alone with Ted and I hadn’t driven a car since I passed my test five years ago. I certainly wasn’t going to start up again in central London AND with a baby, who if you’ve read the previous blog post, does not drive well.

But what to do? I had three factors to consider.

1)   I had a baby to look after and he was sort of (who am I kidding, very) high maintenance. He'd have to be part of the plan.

2)   I had become pretty much obsessed with buying kids clothes. As soon as I’d seen the Mini Rodini panda tracksuit in a trainer shop in Shoreditch I just KNEW there was more to kids fashion than a pale blue knitted cardigan or a digger t-shirt.

3)   I was time limited. Sure, Ted could be chill. But he could also be exhausting, so it had to be something I didn’t have to put much time into and I could do on the go.

It then came to me.

I N S T A G R A M.

Cactus trackie top from

I’d had a personal Insta account for some while, but the thought of having another account just for Ted and his new garms, well. That. Made. Me. Excited.

I thought of my new Insta handle (@what.ted.wore) and decided it would be a page to promote ‘the best bits baby fashion has to offer’. And I loved it. LOVED IT. Searching out new items for Ted’s quickly growing wardrobe, finding people to follow and get inspo from and chatting to all the other new Mama’s out there. I started creating flat lays, figuring out fun places to go for mini photoshoots (Dalston Curve Garden in London is my fav btw) and generally just getting out there more. For anyone who thinks that Instagram is unsociable, you’re not doing it right. Instagram helped me so, so much in those early days with Ted. I know it’s only kids clothing, but it gave me a purpose and a challenge to get out there and to see new things on days when I really felt like doing nothing.

But what now? Now I’ve started my own brand I didn’t really know which way to take the Instagram page. Did I really just want to show my own designs? In all honesty, no.

Handprinted tee from @life.of.piris

I’ve never been a hater of the competition. There’s so many amazing kids brands out  there and a BIG chunk of them independent businesses. I’m in AWE of them and what they’ve achieved and what beautiful products they produce.

I’m all for bigging them up. To the max.

Half of Ted’s wardrobe is high street and the other half is small businesses that I’ve mostly found through Instagram. Ted’s not exclusively dressed in What Ted Wore garms. Firstly, I don’t have enough product (haha, I’m working on it) and secondly, how boring would that be? I LOVE buying him a t-shirt, a jumper, a print or a garland from another independent business. Knowing that I’m supporting another person and their and dream is really, just pretty great. 

Am I naïve? Most probs. A bit stoopid? Yeah, defo. But for me, it’s all about the bigger picture and where I want my brand to go. Don’t be afraid of the competition. Embrace it, learn from them and proudly do your own thing.

Big loves as always,

Lucy (and Ted) 


P.S And yes, I'm using this blog post to look back at photos of baby Ted. Look how small he was!

Becoming a Stay At Home Mama

Hello, Hey, Hi there…

My very first blog post. Hopefully the first of many. I kinda wish it was acceptable to use emoji’s in blog posts as that’s how I convey most of my emotion (insert scream emoji here) but I guess I’ll have to be grown up and use my words (insert eyeroll emjoi here. Last time I do that, promise).

I’m going to get it all out in the open and say that I am in no way a writer. At all. I think I got a B in GCSE English and then left it at that. I use a lot of slang, don’t know how to use a semi colon and usually only talk about kids, fashion and food.

This first post is a follow on from the About Us page (if you haven’t had the chance to read it, go check it out).

Becoming a Stay At Home Mama

Our little, blonde bundle of baby was born in 2016 and we decided to name him Ted. He also goes by the nicknames of Tiny, Toddler T and Tiny Terror. It was my full intention to go back to work after a year of loveliness with the tiny one. I looked around nurseries, prepared for my back to work interview (thanks @mother_pukka and Flex Appeal) and even started thinking what appropriate office wear was (definitely not my fav ASOS Mom jeans and a slightly Ella’s Kitchen stained basic tee). I assumed I would be welcomed back with open arms, with senior management happy to accommodate my request for a part time role.

I was wrong. 

It turned out, even after all my research and spending a ridiculous amount of time writing my back to work proposal, it’s a lot harder than I thought to go back to your old job after having a baby. To be fair to my old work place, I wasn’t budging with my requests. It was part time or nothing for me. So, when they kindly told me that I could work a four day week doing my old job, but for less pay. Lets just say I told them a HELL NO and got out of there. 

I hadn’t prepared myself for being a SAHM. It had never even crossed my mind that that’s what I would end up doing. Friend’s would ask me what it was like and I'd surprise myself. I would honestly tell them that I loved it. And I really did (and do). Getting to hang out with Ted everyday, to take him to the park, to go to lunch really made me so, so happy.

Sure, it was also mega hard. Being around that tiny dream boat was like a rollercoaster of emotions. Then came the sleep regression, the nap transitions and the all round douche bag phase that seemed to raise it’s unwanted head at sixteen months. Luckily though, the fun times kept on happening and me and Ted spent the next year exploring London, making new Mama friends and spending our first summer together in the sunshine.

Relocation, relocation, relocation

Fast forward to now and a whole lot of things have changed. Firstly, we moved out of London. A massive decision for us, as London had been our home for the past five years. It was where we go married, where Ted was born and where we called home. What was not there however was family. Sure, we were surrounded by loads of amazing friends, but when you have a four months old who’s going through their first sleep regression (I can still remember it VERY vividly) all you really want is your Mum. Or your Dad. Or your MIL. Or just someone who will look after your baby for the night so you can go and sleep in a hotel and get a whole nights sleep (we actually did this. It was pure bliss). 

Our family all lives in the South West, which isn’t too far to travel when its just you. But when you have a lil baby who gets car sick and it takes two hours to get out of central London it seems like forever away. On one particularly bad car journey back to see the fam (five hours to get to Cheltenham and the Duke of Puke aka Ted was sick six times) we decided then and there that we were moving back to Bristol. It was probably the easiest and quickest decision that we’ve ever made. We decided just before Christmas that we were going to be moving back, and by the end of February we had made it happen. 

We’ve been back in Bristol five months and I can confidently say that it’s been the best thing for us as a family. Ted starting nursery one day a week has given me the time to turn What Ted Wore from an Instagram page into a website and online shop. Being so much closer to family has meant that not only do we get more toddler free nights out (yaaaaas!) and prosecco lunch dates with my Mum, but also a bigger support network which is actually the shiz.

And Bristol. The beautiful city of Bristol has given me the most wonderful inspiration and the most colourful backdrop for our first photoshoot. Not only has it been a great city to transition to after London (it's got SO much fun stuff going on), it's also given me the much needed self confidence boost to get this whole thing going. This first one's for you Bristol, you total mega babe.

Big loves,

Lucy (and Ted) x