Super Sweet Sweatshirts from the High Street

Autumn is by far by favourite season, and although I’ve loved being a lil sweaty Betty chillin’ in the park and eating my weight in ice cream, this cooler weather has made me all excited for Ted's autumn/winter wardrobe.

One of mine and Ted’s wardrobe staples is the basic sweatshirt. I have a weakness for the grey variety, and it seems this has been passed on to Ted too. Sweatshirts are not just comfy and snug, but you can chuck them on over a tee and a cool (and cosy) outfit is instantly made.

I’ve put together a sweet list of sweatshirts that can be bought from the high street - some of them *ahem* may have already been bought. 

1. Next

I bought Ted a couple of sweatshirts from Next last year and not only did they look the part but they were reasonably priced and lasted approx. 583050 washes without falling apart. This season they’ve won me over again with these mega bright colours and cheerful designs. 

They’re not the thickest of jumpers, but like everybody knows, it’s all about the layers. It’s a bit of a faff but a button down shirt under one of these makes your little one look like a tiny dweeb (in a good way) and like they’re dressed up all fancy with somewhere to be.

The turquoise 'planet pug' sweatshirt has already been bought, tried on, got a thumbs up and is now patiently waiting in Ted's chest of drawers for that first chilly autumn morning. It's hella cute and it has a dog on it (might be the start of a theme..).

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2. HM

Ted’s just moved up a size range at HM, so he’s now in the boy category (1.5 - 10 years) which means he’s officially not a baby anymore.  After shedding a couple of tears I had a look at his new size range and decided it’s actually pretty sweet. These sweatshirts are all £5.99, good quality for the price and one of them bears a more-than-slight resemblance to a Kenzo sweatshirt, minus the embroidery.

I must admit, the white section (of the second sweatshirt) concerns me slightly. But when you think about it, is any colour immune to a toddler’s eating habits?

(The answer is of course, no).

What I really love is that all these sweatshirts were in both the boys AND girls section. Not a dinosaur or unicorn in sight. Nice one HM.

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3. Zara

Speaking of inappropriate colours for a toddler, check out these beauties!

There seems to be a lot of these peachy tones around for the autumn/winter, which I am absolutely loving. As a natural blonde with a complexion often described as ‘you look unwell’, I can’t really pull off this blush/beige/natural beautiful-ness, but of course a young child with perfect skin and a rosy glow can wear pretty much anything, including this geometric sweatshirt of beauty. Again, the white concerns me (especially around the neckline) and I feel like I’d have to stockpile the Vanish to validate buying for Ted.

Oh, and no bitchy comments about the doggy jumper in the middle. Yes, it’s completely ridiculous and has 3D ears, but I have no shame in saying that I saw it, bought it (for a tenner) and LOVE IT. #KawaiiForever.

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4. Adidas

It wouldn’t really be a What Ted Wore blog post if I didn’t mention an Adidas tracksuit would it?

If you had told me five years ago that I’d be dressing my future baby boy in sportswear, I probably would of ignored you and got on with my day. But fast forward almost two years and Ted’s got a pretty sweet tracky bum collection. I personally blame the Mini Rodini x Adidas collab for setting me on this tracksuit journey. Who could possibly resist a monochrome panda two piece, especially when it fits a tiny six month old. 

Adidas is my tracksuit brand of choice for Ted, and this season they have a whole load of sweet colourways. What I love about them (apart from making your child look like a tiny terror) is that you can get three completely different outfits out of them. I often mix and match the top and joggers with other pieces of Ted's wardrobe and I’m quite partial to layering the tracky jacket with a hoodie underneath.

This camo, monochrome babe is currently in my online basket for Ted's 2nd birthday. Adidas discount codes are few and far between, but they do give out a 15% off code when you leave a review on a previous purchase.

Also, their customer service is top notch.

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5. John Lewis

Is it me or are lama’s absolutely EVERYWHERE at the moment? They're appliquéd onto pencil cases, stuck onto sunglasses and turned into umbrellas (seriously, go check out Tiger). It appears John Lewis have jumped on the lama bandwagon as a couple popped up when looking for sweatshirts online. This embroidered one below is pretty cute though, and I love the use of mustard yellow with turquoise stitching.

Ted's had a couple of sweatshirts from John Lewis's own brand, and I’m always really pleased with the quality for the price (a sweatshirt is around £10). What’s great is that they usually do matching joggers too, which makes a pretty adorable and mega easy outfit to put together.

One thing I’ve learnt with a John Lewis print (they usually have a new animal design each season), is to buy it when you see it. Last year I bought Ted a panda print sweatshirt and foolishly left the matching joggers in the basket. Big mistake. They sold out that week in store and online, and I had to wait a whole month before they were back in stock again, and he could rock the whole outfit together,

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In conclusion, there’s a whole load of mega cute pieces out there to get started on your little one’s autumn/winter wardrobe. Whether it be a simple grey sweatshirt or one with a 3D dog coming out of it, we really are spoilt for choice and the high street have nailed the fact that we don’t just want to dress our boys in blue and girls in pink anymore. I am LOVING all the beautiful neutral tones (minus the stain concerns of course), super excited about the bright  and bold turquoise and yellows, and of course, digging all the slogans.

And kinda happy (more like undecided) about the lamas. 

Get shopping people, winter is coming.

(Not gona lie, I’m pretty happy that I got a Game of Thrones reference into a kids fashion blog).

Big loves,

Lucy + Ted