Five Eco Friendly Swaps that are an Absolute Game Changer (and super easy to do!)

Since the beginning of the year I’ve been on a mission to recycle more, reduce my plastic waste and of course, reuse when possible.

 I’ve got the reusable coffee cup, the metal water bottle and the biodegradable baby wipes, but I wanted to see what other household items I could swap for more sustainable choices.

Reusable Face Wipes

After working out that by using approx x 3 cotton pads a day to take my make up off (that’s an eye watering 1065 used a year) something had to change.

 I came across these reusable face wipes from My January Baby – Helen started making the wipes when she realised that all the offcuts of material from the handmade clothes she was making were being wasted and thrown away. She came up with a simple, but amazing idea to back the left over fabric with super soft bamboo and turn them into the face wipes.

Not only are these wipes mega adorable (you’re sent the prints at random, so it’s a lovely surprise to receive), but they also feel so much kinder on your eyes and skin than the store bought cotton pads. They’re also so much more effective. Now I only need x 1 to take off ma whole face of make up, and I wear L’Oreal Double Wear foundation (if you know, you know).

The wipes can be chucked in the washing machine with all your other washing, and they come out look shiny and new.

Shop the wipes  here  or check out My January Baby’s  Instagram

Shop the wipes here or check out My January Baby’s Instagram

The Foamie Shampoo Bar

 As someone who washes their hair every day, I was super aware of how much shampoo (and plastic) I was getting through. I’d been on the look out for a shampoo bar for a while, and this little one caught my attention in Boots. The Foamie smells amazing (I went for the floral scent) and costs £7. It states on the back that it should last for approx 24 washes – I’m pretty impressed as I’ve had it about three weeks (21 washes) and there’s still a whole chunk of soap left.

 I’ve used pretty much every single brand of shampoo out there and I can confidently say that this lil babe is one of the best. My hair feels super clean, smells like flowers and has more volume than its had since I was preggo with Ted (I really miss my second trimester hair of dreams).

Shop the Foamie product range  here

Shop the Foamie product range here

Bamboo Toothbrushes

!Ever since Ted got his first tiny tooth through (at the grand old age of 11 months!) we’ve been using bamboo toothbrushes. These toothbrushes (available in kids and adults sizes) are 95% bio degradable (including all of the packaging). The non biodegradable 5% is due to the brush bristles being a BPA free Nylon. The toothbrushes have the option to be bought through a subscription service (a new one will arrive in the post every 2/3 months) which is mega handy and means you won’t have to lie to your dentist about how often you change your toothbrush.

Oh, and they look ADORABLE too!

Shop the Bamboo Toothbrush  here .

Shop the Bamboo Toothbrush here.

Natural Deodorant

The Natural Deodrant company was advertised to me on Instagram (they must of heard me chattin’ about my eco swaps). They have an amazing choice of scents to try and also an ‘active deodorant’ for those sweaty gym days (not for me then). I went for the grapefruit and mint scent, and I must say it smells lovely. The ingredients include shea butter and coconut oil which made my underarms feel super nourished and soft.

I decided to go for the larger pot size (£11) which comes in a glass pot with metal lid.

Unfortunately the smaller pot still uses a plastic lid (something that the company states on the website they are trying to change).

Shop The Natural Deodorant  here

Shop The Natural Deodorant here

Essential Oils

 I know this one isn’t exactly ground breaking, but essentials oils are just so handy (and eco friendly!). As a previous member of the Zoflora brigade (my fav scent was Clean Linen) essential oils are a more eco way of getting that fresh scent without overusing the chemicals.

After cleaning the toilet/kitchen sink I used to chuck in some Zoflora ala Mrs Hinch to, ya know, get it extra clean. Now I use my fav Eucalyptus essential oil, and not only does it smell fresher I don’t have to worry if Ted’s tiny hands reach into the toilet bowl (we all know it happens).

I picked up this little bottle from TKMaxx for the bargain price of £2.99.

Essential Oils.jpg

So, that’s my top five. Have I missed anything?

I’m always on the look out for more eco friendly swaps, so if you have any hints, tips or ideas then leave me a comment and let me know :)

Much love,



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